My Bucket List

Bucket List is a list of things to do before someone die, and heres of mine :

1. Umrah and Hajj with my whole family (included you, pap)
2. Visit Japan, anywhere..everywhere location in this country
3. Spending time for one month in Japan, actually Hokaido
4. Build a minimalist beutiful house for my new family and my mom
5. Having of roller skate
6. Having or contribute of foundation for orphans and people with cancer, especially children
7.Travelling to Europe with family
8. Visiting Pulau Tiga, Dua, Satu and enjoy the sunset over here
9. Having of class biola in Taman suropati or UI Depok
10.  Learn to cook and Bake in well
11. Having a beautiful night at Singapore flyer capsule and kiss someone that I loved
12.  Design my bestfriend wedding invitation too, of course mine too!
13. Give some speech in my graduation
14. Working in WWF
15. Could be having contribution in Indonesia Youth Conference
16. Seeing concert of Pink
17. Design my own dress for graduation and wedding, Insya Allah
18. Having of book that I wrote or at least I can write in one of articel in magazine or newspaper
20. Ride a hot air ballon
21. Being of Penghafal Al Qur'an :)
22. Someday I wanna be a wife who can calm my love , be fresheners in his eyes and become someone who always be missed
23. Have  a children; teach them to appreciate of life, see and sky before introducing them of television and website
24. Always being a pride of my family, especially my mom
25. Contributing in volunteers about Earth with people who want to take care our home.
26. Having of bake store
27. Get married with someone that I can not live without him, and he also could not live without me.
28. Having picture of hands of mine, my love and my children
29. Step of 5 continent
30. Working abroad or domestic to do something that I loved
31. Having of a mosque, or at least donated funds to purchase a rug to bow down
32. Having my child video until he/she being married
33. Being a young woman who prides Indonesian

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